Seynedhee Avenie Shares Impactful Courses and Career Preparedness

Seynedhee Avenie during an interview.

Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies dual BA/MA student Seynedhee Avenie recently discussed her academic path, internship opportunities, favorite classes, and post-graduation plans in an interview. Avenie is pursuing a five-year combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program at the Pardee School, having completed a year abroad during her undergraduate studies.

For her undergraduate major, Avenie studied international relations with a focus on foreign policy in Africa, as well as public health and global health topics relating to Africa and U.S.-Africa-European relations. Her graduate studies have allowed her to further specialize in areas like diplomacy.

This summer, Avenie will be participating in the Global Development Policy Center’s Summer Field Program, conducting research in Ethiopia on the impacts of transportation on gender and women’s agency. She looks forward to gaining research experience, using quantitative methods skills, and having her work potentially inform infrastructure policymakers in Ethiopia.

Some of Avenie’s most impactful courses at Pardee have included Solving Humanitarian Crises with Ambassador Mark Storella, which as she stated, “opened me up to take a little bit about humanitarian crisis and so really current topics such as, for instance, the Rohingya refugee population.” Quantitative methods classes with Professor Karra also strengthened her research abilities. Professors like Ambassador Vesko Garčević and Professor Paul Hare also played key roles in her academic development.

After graduating next year, Avenie hopes to pursue a career in international policy, whether with an international organization, NGO, or government role where she can make an impact. Her advice to current students is to “go out to all the opportunities that you can take advantage of, all the opportunities [the] Pardee [School] presents.”

The full video interview with Avenie will be posted soon.