Pardee Career Night 2024: Igniting Pathways to Success

Inaugural Director of Career Services, Sonia Liang, and Dean Scott Taylor addressed the crowd.

Wednesday, April 10 2024, marked an extraordinary milestone for career development at Pardee, as the school hosted its largest career event of the year: Pardee Career Night. With over 100 enthusiastic students and alumni in attendance, alongside 25 employer representatives and many of the faculty and staff, the atmosphere was electric.

Students took in the view at the Boston University CDS building, where the event was held.

The event was a testament to the transformative power of community support in student career development, according to Sonia Liang, the inaugural director of career services at Pardee School, who has spent nearly a decade in career services. Pardee Career Night was celebrated by both attendees and representatives alike. The Peace Corps recruiter noted, “It was refreshing not having to explain what the Peace Corps was. Students came prepared with thoughtful questions.” Similarly, a student shared, “It was incredible to meet with so many mission-driven organizations all in one place. I feel positive about my next steps.”