Lights. Camera. African Language in Action!

ASC African Language faculty instructors, right to left: African Languages Program Director Dr. Zoliswa Mali, Wofo instructor Lamine Diallo, Igbo instructor Nikky Agba, Amharic instructor Mulugeta Zegeye, Akan Twi instructor Tobias Ninson and Swahili master instructor Judith Mmari.

The Pardee School’s African Studies Center hosted its annual African Theater Night and Community Dinner on April 3rd, 2024, featuring nine original skits performed in person and on film by ASC’s African language students. Skits included Swahili, Akan Twi, Amharic, Igbo, Wolof, IsiXhosa and isiZulu presentations touching on traditional African customs, challenges of modern life, the African Cup of Nations football tourney and even the latest news.

The 85+ students, faculty and staff braved inclement weather to celebrate the students ‘ and teachers hard work and enjoy a dinner featuring specialties from local African restaurants. The event showcases the exceptional progress of ASC students from beginning to advanced levels in Sub-Saharan languages, for which the African Studies Center and BU receive support through a Department of education Title VI grant. The event also exposed potential new students to African languages they, too, can study. Enrollments in Sub-Saharan languages at the ASC are at their highest level in at least ten years.

You can also watch clips on our instagram here.