Verschuren Presents at West Point Conference on Modern Security Challenges

Sanne Verschuren: 4th from left.

Sanne Verschuren, Assistant Professor of International Security at the Pardee School of Global Studies, was a featured presenter at the United States Military Academy at West Point’s conference held on February 7th and 8th, 2024. The conference, titled “States, Societies, and Security in the 21st Century,” convened military leadership and academic experts to delve into pressing security issues of the contemporary era.

Verschuren’s contribution was significant as she presented her insights within the framework of the conference’s theme. Specializing in the intersection of economics, defense, and security, she brought valuable perspectives to the working group discussions, enhancing the interdisciplinary dialogue among participants.

During the two-day event, Verschuren’s presentation shed light on pertinent issues surrounding modern security challenges, aligning with the conference’s objectives of exploring the intricate dynamics between states, societies, and security strategies.

The conference program featured a diverse range of sessions, including panels, keynote addresses, and networking opportunities, facilitating in-depth discussions on various aspects of security policy and strategy.

Key highlights of the conference included keynote addresses by Ms. Sasha Baker, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and Ambassador Douglas Lute, underscoring the importance of collaboration between academia and military institutions in addressing contemporary security challenges.

Moreover, the conference provided a platform for recognizing military achievements, such as the promotion ceremony for Lieutenant Colonel Jordan Becker, reinforcing the event’s commitment to honoring excellence within the military community.

Verschuren’s active participation exemplified the vital role of academic expertise in shaping strategic thinking and policy formulation in the realm of national security, reaffirming the significance of collaborative efforts between military and civilian stakeholders.

Sanne Cornelia J. Verschuren, Assistant Professor of International Security at the Pardee School of Global Studies of Boston University, specializes in international relations and security policy. Her research, recognized with APSA’s 2022 Kenneth N. Waltz Outstanding Dissertation Award, explores states’ decisions in developing and abandoning weapon technologies. With extensive postdoctoral experience, her work has been supported by prestigious institutions. Professor Verschuren’s expertise includes international security, military technology development, and the intersection of national security with climate change.  Read more about Sanne Verschuren on her faculty profile.