Keylor in Newsweek on N. Korea’s Weapons Testing


William Keylor, Professor of International Relations and History at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, was recently interviewed for an article on whether North Korea will follow through on claims that they are willing to stop testing nuclear weapons. 

Keylor was quoted in a March 7, 2018 article in Newsweek entitled “North Korea Defends Its Nuclear Weapons One Day After It’s Suggested Country May Give Them Up.

From the text of the article:

William Keylor, professor of international relations at the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, is skeptical as to whether North Korea will disarm.

“Without nuclear weapons, North Korea is a state with a fourth-world economy and no allies, other than China, in the world. Not a very impressive record,” said Keylor in an email to Newsweek.

“The one and only thing [Kim] cares about is the survival of his regime,” Keylor said. “If he can no longer divert attention from the catastrophic situation in the North Korean economy by hyping the threat from abroad, he may even find himself having to face opposition at home.”

Keylor served four consecutive terms as Chairman of the Department of History at Boston University (1988-2000) and has been Director of the International History Institute since 1999. At Boston University, he has received the Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Methodist Scholar-Teacher Award.