Loftis Hosts Roundtable With U.S. Army War College Students


Amb. Robert Loftis, Professor of the Practice of International Relations at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, hosted a February 14, 2018 roundtable discussion with five visiting students from the United States Army War College.

The roundtable gave Pardee School students the opportunity to engage with U.S. military officers who are directly involved in issues of national security, counterinsurgency, and the use of military force.

Topics covered during the discussion, which was moderated by Amb. Loftis, included the human approach to counterinsurgency; the space domain – the Achilles heel of U.S. military domination; what winning means in Afghanistan; post traumatic stress and its impact on our military; nuclear deterrence in 2018; U.S.-India relations and the strategy to balance China; ethics in war; constructing security communities of interest; positive leadership and trust; guardian angel weapon systems and DOD Personnel Recovery.

The United States Army War College is a U.S. Army educational institution in Carlisle, Pennsylvania that provides graduate-level instruction to senior military officers and civilians to prepare them for senior leadership assignments and responsibilities. While a great deal of emphasis is placed on research, students are also instructed in leadership, strategy, and joint-service/international operations.