Jeremy Sewall, a core instructor in BU MET’s Certificate in Culinary Arts program, has taken up a new food-oriented challenge: fighting back against an invasive species of crab that can wreak havoc on Maine sea life and fishing—by making it available at his restaurant.

Sewall is joining a pair of Maine fishermen, his brother Sam and Mike Masi, in a concerted effort to target green crabs—which are not native to the area and can feed on valued local fare like oysters, mussels, clams, and other crabs—and harvest them at a sufficient rate to reduce their impact on the local environment. Once they’ve been caught, Sewall will do his part in sustainability by putting the crabs on his menu at his restaurant, Row 34.

BU MET’s Certificate in Culinary Arts program teaches students to master classic and modern kitchen techniques in a single semester.

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