“A mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas.” G. H. Hardy, from A Mathematicians Apology, London 1941.

You’re here, so you’re probably already a math major, or considering becoming one. But what does it really mean to do mathematics, or to be a mathematician? (Hint: It’s not just calculus…) Below are some resources to help you answer these, and many other, questions.

  • Degree requirements: Info about the various math and stats major and minor degree options, including the courses you must take (in addition to general BU CAS requirements) for each.
  • Enhancing your studies: Get more out of your degree program, for example by conducting independent research, joining math-focused study abroad programs, participating in math competitions, and joining student math organizations.
  • Meeting with an advisor: Info about meeting with a faculty advisor (eg a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) or a professional advisor (eg a staff member in the CAS advising office), including when to meet with which type of advisor. Also see the list of faculty advisors and their office hours
  • Careers with a math or stats degree: What can you do with a math or stats major? A lot! Start thinking about this early. Your intended career path may impact which upper-division courses you choose to take.
  • Help with math and stats classes: Need help with a class? There are many free resources at available at BU.
  • FAQs: A list of frequently asked questions and their answers, as well as links to useful BU documents and websites.
  • External math websites