The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has experts working on a variety of aspects of geometry and mathematical physics, including representation theory and mathematical aspects of quantum field theories, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, symplectic geometry, complex geometry, mirror symmetry, and applications to machine learning. The group organizes the Geometry and Physics Seminar.


  • David Fried: topology of smooth flows, symbolic dynamics, geometric structures
  • Takashi Kimura: geometry and representation theory, algebraic structures in topological or cohomological field theories
  • Siu-Cheong Lau: complex algebraic geometry and symplectic geometry, and more specifically mirror symmetry
  • Yu-Shen Lin: the interplay between enumerative geometry, differential geometry and mirror symmetry
  • Maciej Szczesny: representation theory and mathematical aspects of quantum field theory including vertex algebras, factorization algebras, holomorphic field theories, Hall algebras
  • Brian Williams: applications of quantum field theory to complex geometry and representation theory; the interplay between higher/homotopical algebra and quantum field theory.

Emeritus Faculty:

  • Steve Rosenberg: differential geometry in finite and infinite dimensions, particularly with applications to/from mathematical physics


  • Minghao Wang

PhD Students:

  • Kunho Choi
  • Jiawei Hu
  • Peter McCafferty
  • Garrett Oren
  • Sidharth Soundarajan
  • Ju Tan
  • Tianchen Tang