The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has a vibrant group working in number theory and arithmetic geometry, with interests spanning various aspects of the Langlands program, Iwasawa theory, and Diophantine geometry. The group organizes the Number Theory Seminar.



  • Barinder Banwait: elliptic curves over number fields, isogenies, computational arithmetic geometry
  • Jerson Caro: arithmetic geometry, rational points on surfaces, elliptic curves over global fields
  • Peter Gräf: p-adic families of modular forms, Drinfeld period domains, Drinfeld modular forms
  • Daniel Gulotta: p-adic geometry, Langlands program, Shimura varieties
  • Daniel Hast: arithmetic algebraic geometry and Diophantine geometry, with a focus on p-adic approaches to rational points on varieties
  • Jun Bo Lau: p-adic integration, rational points on modular curves, enumeration geometry, post-quantum cryptography

PhD Students: