From the Department Chair, Professor Glenn Stevens.

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics & Statistics!

Our web pages contain information on our undergraduate and graduate programs, a list of our faculty and graduate students with their research interests, and information on department seminars. Our department has particularly strong groups in dynamical systems and its applications, geometry/topology, number theory, probability and statistics. We also have specialized centers like the Center for BioDynamics and the Statistics & Consulting Unit.

We were recognized as having the most improved research department in the 1995 National Research Council survey of mathematics programs, and we are in the top Group I ranking of graduate programs by the American Mathematical Society. We are also an academic sponsor of theĀ Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

Most recently, we have been rankedĀ #5 nationally by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our programs, and you are welcome to visit our department and meet with the faculty.