University-Supplied Computing Resources

The University provides a wide variety of computing resources managed by Information Services and Technology (IS&T) including pervasive wireless access across campus as well as desktop and classroom support. This support includes a repair facility staffed by on campus technicians who can perform hardware diagnostics and repair.

The University also provides access to substantial supercomputing resources via the Shared Computing Cluster which is maintained by the university’s Research Computing Services group.

There are other computing facilities on campus, including:

Departmental computing resources

The department has modern computer facilities, including a Dell R640 Linux server,, which is available for general purpose as well as computational work. This includes home directory and web page space which are backed up daily.

All students and faculty are provided workstations in their offices as needed. Mathematical software such as Maple, MatLab, Mathematica, R, and other instructional and specialized visualization software are available to users. Finally, the department has a full-time system administrator Tim Kohl, part of the Client Technology Services Group in IS&T, who is dedicated to providing support for faculty and graduate students in all areas of computation and instructional technology. He maintains both our hardware and software and also provides consulting services to the Department.