Our department has several student-run groups that can help you connect with your peers and learn more about the broader mathematics community.

  • AWM Student Chapter: The BU Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics, a leading society for women in the mathematical sciences. They organize a variety of social and professional development events for undergraduates. For more information please contact our Undergraduate Program Administrator.
  • Data Science Association: An undergraduate academic club committed to providing students with high-quality data science tools and resources they need to make an impact in the ever-changing world of big data. By creating opportunities, expanding accessibilities, and building communities, they support the growth of their members while building an active and energetic environment for passionate data scientists.
  • SIAM Student Chapter: The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics sponsored student chapter promotes research within applied mathematics and the computational sciences, as well as connections between the two communities. Events are organized to promote connection academically, professionally and socially.
  • Undergraduate Women in Science and Engineering (uWISE): An interdisciplinary, student-focused group providing a community and support network for all those who support women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Anyone and everyone with an interest in science is welcome to join; you don’t need to be majoring in a STEM field to be a part of uWISE. Come to make friends, learn more about the STEM disciplines, find study buddies, and join a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Math Social Club: An undergraduate student academic club where students can come together and socialize, study, and help one another with questions they might have. It is a great way to build your math & stats connections.
  • MAA Student Chapter: The BU Student Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America aims to promote conversation and collaboration between undergraduates interested in math. They host a variety of both professional and social events to immerse undergraduates in different fields of math. Follow them on Facebook at @MAAatBU and on Instagram at bostonu_maa.