There are a variety of careers in business, industry, government, and education that one can pursue with a mathematics or statistics degree.

BU Data Science Mentoring Circles: If you are interested in a career in Data Science, the Data Science Mentoring Circles may be of interest.

Professional Society Career Pages: Many professional societies maintain career pages that offer suggestions for the types of career paths that students can pursue and advice for how to do so. See, for example, the career-focused pages from the American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, American Statistical Association, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the Society of Actuaries. You can also check out Big Math Network, which promotes careers in Business, Industry, and Government to students in the mathematical sciences; STATtr@k, a website for new statistics professionals navigating a data-centric world; the pages of the American Mathematical Society for Students and the American Statistical Association for Students; This is Statistics; or contact the BU Center for Career Development or your faculty advisor for additional advice and information.