Academic Advising

The College’s advising and mentoring services are designed to support you as you plan, build, and complete an undergraduate degree that reflects your interests and aspirations.

CAS Academic Advising provides all the information and support you need to satisfy your academic requirements. Our advisors can help you with issues including:

  • choosing a major and planning your degree program
  • registration
  • interpreting and implementing the College’s academic regulations, standards, and policies
  • intra-university transfer
  • Boston University’s Dual Degree Program
  • leave of absence/withdraw
  • academic difficulties, problems, and concerns

In addition we track progress to graduation and certify that students have met the requirements of the College and major(s)/minor(s).  Our College Officers will:

  • assist with applying transfer work to your academic record
  • review graduation applications one year prior to your graduation and inform you of any outstanding requirements
  • certify you for graduation when all requirements have been completed

Every full-time student in the College has an academic advisor. You must confer with your advisor before registration each term, and you are encouraged to meet periodically during each semester. In addition:

  • If you are a freshmen or sophomore student who has not chosen a major, you will be assigned to an advisor from the Academic Advising Center.
  • If you have a declared major, you will consult the department of your major for academic advising.

Students who are planning a career in the fields of law or medicine (including dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other health related fields) are encouraged to meet regularly with a prelaw or premedical advisor in the College’s Pre-Professional Advising Office. Advisors can offer an extensive array of resources, including help with curriculum planning, professional school admission requirements, internship opportunities, and student networking opportunities.