Welcome to the Department of Mathematics & Statistics

We provide exceptional opportunities for undergraduate and graduate training and maintain accomplished research programs across diverse mathematical fields.

Research Groups


Our department has accomplished research groups in many areas of mathematics and statistics, including dynamical systems and its applications, geometry/topology, number theory, probability and statistics, as well as specialized centers such as the Center for BioDynamics and the Statistics & Consulting Unit.

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Undergraduate Activities

student life

Learn about our variety of mathematics and statistics majors, academic advising, research opportunities, and other departmental activities, as well as post-graduation career possibilities.

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Statistics Program

academic program

Within the department, there is an active program in statistics, which offers specialized degree programs at the BA, MS, MA, and PhD levels. Information can be found by clicking on the Undergraduate or Graduate links above, or by visiting the Statistics Program webpage.

If you would like to submit a consulting request with our MSSP program, please click here.

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