Graduate Courses

In some cases, BU courses numbered 500-599 can also counts towards graduate degrees in our department. Please see our Undergraduate Courses for more information, and check with your advisor to see if these courses can count toward your degree.

Lists of courses by which semester they are typically offered

Please note that course offerings can vary from year to year, so please consult the above schedules for precise listings in any particular semester.

  • Fall and Spring: MA 575, 581, 582, 615
  • Fall only: MA 531, 539, 541, 556, 561, 563, 568, 569, 573, 577, 614, 665, 666, 681, 703, 711, 721, 727, 741, 745, 750, 775, 779, 781, 783
  • Spring only: MA 505, 512, 528, 532, 542, 555, 562, 564, 570, 576, 583, 585, 589, 592, 684, 685, 713, 722, 731, 742, 746, 751, 770, 776, 780, 782

What should I do if a course is full? If you would like to register for a Math and Statistics course that is full, please contact to be added to the waitlist for the course. In your email, include your name, BU ID number, the course waitlist you are requesting, and the reason why you would like to be added to the waitlist. You will not receive a response to your waitlist request, but if a spot opens up, a staff member will contact you. Remember that you can also always contact your advisor, or the Director of Graduate Studies if you do not yet have an advisor, to discuss your options for course planning and registration.

Transferring Credit: Transfer credits are reviewed by both GRS and the Department.

  • Prior to submitting a request for a transfer credit students need to ensure they are in compliance with the current GRS Transfer Credit Policy.
  • Students requesting transfer credits will need to fill out a Transfer Credit Form found on the GRS website.
  • After submission of the form, GRS will review the request and if it is in line with GRS policy, GRS will send the request to the Department for final approval.