Statistical Training Today for The Data Scientists of Tomorrow

“Today it is imperative for us to put practice at the center of our discipline with relevant computation and theory as supports.” – Report on ‘Statistics at a Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities in the Data Science Era’

Our approach is unique, integrating training in theory, methods, and computing with a uniquely immersive experience. Students will feel the pulse of Boston’s Data Science Industry through interaction with our guest speakers, industry partners, and multiple real world projects completed in our Statistics Practicum.


Statistics Practicum

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Announcement: For Fall 2022 admissions, the GRE is not required. You are still welcome to submit a GRE score with your application, and strong scores may strengthen your application. Applicants who do not submit GRE scores will not be viewed in a negative light, nor will it affect the evaluation of their application in any way.

Apply for Fall 2022 by March 15th for priority consideration—after that, we will accept application on a rolling basis until June 30th! Because admission to the MSSP program is competitive, we encourage you to submit your application soon.


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