Request a New I-20 to Regain Status

Request a New I-20 to Reenter the U.S. in a New F-1 Status

If you have already consulted with an ISSO advisor and have chosen to reenter the United States on a new I-20 to regain lawful F-1 status, you must:

  1. Be eligible to continue studying at Boston University. (This can usually be verified by the ISSO advisor, but may require a letter from your academic department.)
  2. Submit proof to the ISSO advisor that you have sufficient funds to cover the current expenses for tuition, fees and cost-of-living for one academic year (9 months).

For required documentation of financial support, see here.

If the funding is your own, you need only submit a bank letter or statement verifying funds.  If you are sponsored (e.g. by your parents), your sponsor will need to provide their bank documentation, plus a letter of financial support that verifies they will provide funding for your tuition/fees and living expenses while you are at Boston University. All financial documents must be originals, signed and dated, written in English, and currency amounts listed in US dollars.

Once the above information has been established, you will be issued a new I-20 marked for initial entry with a new start date in section 5.  You must return to the U.S. on or before this new start date, otherwise the I-20 will become invalid for reentry.

BEFORE YOU TRAVEL: Please refer to the section “Immigration Requirements for Entry to the US (F-1 Students).”  Your passport should be valid at least 6 months from the date you intend to reenter the U.S., and, unless you are a Canadian citizen, you must possess a valid F-1 visa.

Upon your reentry to the U.S., you must receive a NEW I-94 card and USCIS must stamp your new I-20.  You must report to the ISSO immediately with your immigration documents to complete a New Student Check-In so that we can update your record to show you have returned in lawful status.