Program Extension

Your initial BU immigration document was based on the anticipated dates of your program or affiliation at the University. Your anticipated completion date can change for many reasons—students may change majors or programs, or research can take unexpected (yet exciting) turns. This is normal in academia. If you need additional time to complete your studies or affiliation at BU, the ISSO can advise you on your options and the required paperwork.

Your Program Completion/End Date

If you are in F or J status, your most recent US entry stamp will be noted with “D/S” (duration of status), as your program limits are determined by the dates of your designated program at BU. Therefore, you will also need your immigration document to determine your current program completion date:

  • The F-1 expected program completion date can be found in item #5 of your Form I-20, just after the phrase “and complete studies no later than”.
  • The J-1 expected program end date can be found in Section 3 of your Form DS-2019, where the beginning and ending dates of your exchange visitor program are noted.

Note: Failure to extend your immigration status prior to the designated completion date is considered a violation of that status.