Verifying Authorization for Employment at BU (I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification)

Do not engage in any kind of employment until you are certain you have authorization.

If you are planning on working at BU, you will be required to present documentation to the ISSO to verify your identity and employment eligibility. Completing the Form I-9 allows the ISSO to confirm that you have employment authorization that permits you to work in the U.S.

Updating or Completing Your I-9

Your I-9 must be completed or updated:

  • Within three days of beginning employment at Boston University
  • If you receive a new Employment Authorization Document (EAD), a new type of employment authorization or an extension of your employment
  • If there is a change to your immigration classification
  • If you are a BU student and you move to a regular staff or faculty position at Boston University, or if your BU department wishes to employ you beyond the date of your graduation
  • If you obtain U.S. lawful permanent residence (a “green card”) after starting employment at BU

Required I-9 Paperwork

To complete your I-9, bring:

  • Original immigration documents that demonstrate your unexpired employment authorization in the U.S. (see the list of documents accepted by USCIS for I-9 purposes)
  • Information about the appointment or job for which you have been hired:
    • An academic appointment letter (if you are working in a teaching or research position)
    • A job offer letter (if you have been hired for a staff position), specifying your job title, hiring department (including the unit/department code), and start date of employment (or dates of employment if temporary)

*If the ISSO has prepared immigration documents to assist in your employment sponsorship (such as in J-1, H-1, TN, or O-1 immigration status), we may already have a copy of an appointment letter or job offer letter on file.

To complete an I-9 as a student employee:

  1. Report to the ISSO anytime during regular ISSO business hours either before you begin your job or no later than by the end of the third business day from the date you begin work.
  2. At the ISSO, you will complete Section 1 of the Electronic Form I-9.
  3. Present original documents that reflect your U.S. Employment Authorization, as outlined in Form I-9 instructions.
    • For students in F-1 status, your on-campus work permission can be demonstrated by showing your passport, I-20, and I-94.
    • J-1 students may present a passport, DS-2019, and I-94, and should request ISSO authorization for on-campus employment.
  4. Once the I-9 is completed and an ISSO staff member has verified your employment eligibility documents, we will update the Student Employment system so that Student Payroll can issue your payroll checks.

If you are a new or rehired BU international employee (you are neither a U.S. citizen nor a legal permanent resident of the U.S.*), your employment verification form (Form I-9) must be completed in person at the ISSO within three days of your employment start date. The ISSO will notify the appropriate Human Resources office and the sponsoring department once your employment verification is completed. (*U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents must complete the employment verification process at Human Resources.

The ISSO holds weekly walk-in hours to allow for I-9 employment verification. Please review the designated times so that you can plan your visit during your first days of employment at BU. Please contact your Scholar Advisor if you have questions or require a one-on-one meeting outside of the designated walk-in times.