Exiting BU

While we hate to see you go and hope you have had a great experience here at BU, at some point, we expect that you will be moving on to other things.  Before you leave, it is important to have an understanding, not only about what you may need to take care of before you transition away from BU, but also what you may or may not be able to do once your program at BU ends.

Whether you plan to return to your home country, transfer to another degree program or move on to employment elsewhere in the U.S., you want to insure that you do this without effecting your immigration status in the U.S.  Perhaps you you just want to take some time for some personal travel within the U.S. or you have set up some job interviews after graduation and you are concerned about the timing or whether and not you can stay here while you are seeking employment.

We recommend that you review this information carefully so that you’ll be able to plan the next step in your academic or professional career.  Please note that you should plan well in advance, as not all transitions can happen quickly and some require more time.  Whatever it is you are doing and wherever you are going, we wish you the best of luck!