Hospitality Management Graduate Certificate Programs

Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) provides two graduate certificate programs in Hospitality Management for working professionals, career changers, and hospitality leaders to advance their skills and knowledge. From operations, leadership, and finance to innovation and branding, BU SHA’s Hospitality Management Certificate programs cover a wide range of topics that are highly relevant to the hospitality industry.

By completing a Hospitality Management Certificate, you gain the confidence and credentials you need to elevate your career and take on managerial responsibilities in various hospitality sectors including hotels, restaurants, events, real estate, and more.

Why Earn a Certificate in Hospitality Management?

BU SHA offers a certificate in Hospitality Management and a certificate in Advanced Hospitality Management. Explore what makes our certificate programs unique.

Accelerated Professional Certificates

BU SHA’s Hospitality Management Certificate programs are designed to help you earn the credibility and necessary skills for career advancement in a short period of time. With a 12 credit curriculum, the certificate programs can be completed in as little as 3-4 months. Tailored to meet working professionals’ needs, the Hospitality Management Certificate programs also offer evening courses.

Customizable Certificate Programs

The hospitality management graduate certificate programs offer a number of elective courses for you to customize your learning experience and curriculum. Whether you are interested in financial management, marketing, or entrepreneurship in hospitality, you can find courses that fit your academic and career pursuits.

Apply Your Credits to the Master of Management in Hospitality Degree

By completing the Hospitality Management Certificate or the Advanced Certificate program, you not only earn a world-respected credential but also open the avenue to a master’s degree in hospitality management. The credits that you earn from the certificate program can be applied to the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree at SHA. This can help you earn both the certificate and master’s degree faster at a lower cost.

Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Management

The graduate certificate in Hospitality Management is geared to amp up your business acumen for success in future careers. This Fall semester program encompasses the core requirements of the BU SHA MMH degree, with classes led by our seasoned and renowned full-time faculty.  

The two required classes for this certificate examine leadership and operations. Besides the required courses, you can also choose one elective course—Hospitality Financial Management or Hospitality Marketing & Branding based on your career aspirations.

Hotel Management Certificate Courses (12 credits)

2 Required Courses (8 Credits)

  • HF 701 Hospitality Operations Analysis
  • HF 733 Hospitality Organizational Leadership

Choose 1 Elective Course (4 credits)

  • HF 711 Hospitality Financial Management


  • HF 762 Hospitality Marketing & Branding

Faculty and students speaking in a conference

Graduate Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Management

Offered in the Spring term, the Advanced Hospitality Management Certificate enables you to immerse yourself in a variety of intriguing electives to heighten your current skill set. With opportunities to learn from industry practitioners, course topics range from Hospitality Revenue Management Strategies, Meeting Planning & Events Management, Real Estate Finance and Feasibility, and Hospitality Analytics to Digital Content Development, Hotel Development & Deal Making, Advanced Food & Beverage, and Innovation & Disruption.  

The Advanced Hospitality Management Certificate also allows you to develop a concentration with 3 of 4 courses dedicated to one of our Boston University-recognized concentration programs—Real Estate & Finance, Revenue Management & Analytics, Digital Marketing, Restaurant Management & Experiences, and Senior Living

By choosing the advanced certificate program, you also have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice through a relevant internship experience in the hospitality industry.

Advanced Hotel Management Certificate Courses (12 credits)


  • HF 702 Innovation & Disruption
  • HF 717 Hospitality Real Estate Finance & Feasibility
  • HF 619 Hotel Development & Deal Making
  • HF 621 Advanced Food and Beverage Management
  • HF 771 Hospitality Revenue Management Strategies
  • HF 777 Meeting Planning and Special Events Management
  • HF 778 Hospitality Analytics
  • HF 760 Strategic Marketing
  • HF 667 Fundamentals of Digital Content Development
  • HF 768 Digital Marketing Strategies
  • HF 679 Financial Reporting & Analysis

Internship (0 credit) – Optional

  • HF 740 Hospitality Internship

Certificate Requirements

Students must complete all of the required and elective credits from the course options and are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above. Courses completed as a degree student are eligible for application towards the certificate requirements and ultimately also for the full Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree.

Learn More About BU SHA’s Hospitality Management Graduate Certificate Programs

Earn a graduate certificate in Hospitality Management or Advanced Hospitality Management from the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. 

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