Graduate Student Fellows Program

The Hariri Institute for Computing Graduate Student Fellows program recognizes outstanding PhD students who pursue computing and data-driven research at Boston University.

Both prospective and continuing PhD students are eligible to receive this honor based on nominations submitted to the Hariri Institute.

Community Building Aspects and Benefits of the Program

There are several key benefits and aspects of these programs, most notably the opportunity to engage with the community and projects of the Hariri Institute for Computing. After project completion, a Certificate of Participation will be awarded upon request.

Opportunities for GSF Participation

  • Help with the communication of data science research to the general public
  • Assist faculty in the development of narratives for the proposed research
  • Learn about and potentially join projects by Hariri Centers and Initiatives
  • Participate in various reading groups and roundtables at the Institute
  • Host tables and other activities at Institute events such as BUDS Day


Fellowships for Continuing PhD Students

Graduate Student Fellowships for continuing PhD students are awarded to current PhD students who pursue computational and/or data-driven research at Boston University. Our call for nominations has concluded at this time. Thank you.


Fellowships for Prospective PhD Students

The Graduate Fellowships for prospective PhD students are awarded to incoming PhD students to recognize their potential for pursuing exceptional computational and/or data-driven research-based on nominations received from departmental graduate admission committees. Our call for nominations has concluded at this time. Thank you.


Research Graduate Student Fellows

Current graduate students who are supporting PIs and/or a co-PI through a Hariri Institute Research Incubation Award are automatically appointed to Research Graduate Student Fellow. This program recognizes the potential of graduate students who are pursuing exceptional computational and/or data-driven research based on their current contributions to research incubation awarded projects. There is no nomination process associated with this appointment and it is a two-year fellowship during the duration of the project.

Additionally, this fellowship is to help enrich the student’s research experience and to promote the student on the Hariri Institute website for the duration of their studies, as well as grant access to the Hariri Institute resources and community.