We always like to know what our distinguished alumni have been doing since they graduated from the HAA department and we are always happy to receive updates.

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Featured Profiles

 Rebecca McNamara, CAS 2008 / COM 2008

  Quintana Heathman Scherer, CAS 2005 / GRS 2006

  Vanessa D. Valdes, CAS 2008

Holly Markovitz Goldstein, GRS PhD 2010

Naomi Slipp, GRS 2015

Professional headshot of Caroline Riley Caroline M. Riley, GRS 2016

Professional headshot of Caroline Riley Rebecca A. Senf, GRS 2008

 Dalia Habib Linssen, GRS 2010

 Thomas Porter Wu, CAS 2015

 Lara Ayad, GRS 2018

 Martina Tanga, GRS 2015

 Jeffrey De Blois, GRS 2013

 Jessica Zack, CAS 2015

 Hannah Silbert, CAS 2011

 Renana Kehoe, GRS 2008

 Molly Scheu Boarati, GRS 2008