The Mary L. Cornille (GRS’87) Annual Boston University Graduate Symposium in
the History of Art & Architecture

Most recent Symposium: April 2, 2022 via Zoom


The Mary L. Cornille (GRS’87) 38th Annual Boston University Graduate Symposium in the History of Art & Architecture invites submissions considering or responding to the role of the water in shaping the production of visual and material culture.

Water has long occupied a place in art and image making, as subject matter, artistic inspiration, and as a source for materials. The universality of water serves as a useful framework for uniting visual and material production across cultures, geographies, and centuries. Its innumerable and perpetually-changing forms can also serve to highlight differences. Bodies of water provide food, materials, commodities, and waste disposal for human communities. They also function as spaces of transit, connection, exploration, and trade, and sites of religious observance and social identity. Water and water bodies are a source of mystery, myth, and danger. The challenges posed to humans by both too much and too little water continue today. Expanding scholarship in the green and blue humanities considers the relationship between human cultural and visual production and non-human natural forces. Considerations of connections between the blue world and its presence in art and visual culture deepen our understanding between humans and their environs.

The symposium was virtually on  Saturday, April 2, 2022, with a keynote lecture by Dr. Stacy L. Kamehiro, Associate Professor in the History of Art and Visual Culture Department, University of California Santa Cruz.
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This event is generously sponsored by Mary L. Cornille (GRS’87)