Holly Markovitz Goldstein

GRS PhD, 2010

1) What have you been doing since you graduated from BU? Details about your current and past employment? Accomplishments you’re proud of? Challenges you’ve encountered?
I am a Professor of Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA. I teach Art History classes to graduate and undergraduate students, focusing on Photo-History, Modern and Contemporary Art, and Landscape/Place/Public Art. While I was a B.U. graduate student I gained a great deal of teaching and museum experience, which served me well to find my current job immediately upon graduating. I love teaching at SCAD and living in Savannah where I have time to spend hiking, making art, and going to the beach with my two daughters.
2) How your time in the department shaped your professional and personal lives?

I learned so much from my amazing BU professors – as a professor myself now, I continually draw on the course content and successful teaching and advising styles of my BU mentors. My network of BU professors and peers remains my most valuable resource as an art historian. I absolutely loved the intellectual rigor and warm camaraderie of BU, and I model my own teaching after the environment I was so lucky to have at BU.

3) Any advice that you would’ve given to your younger self?

Have fun and take advantage of all the amazing professional and personal opportunities in the Boston/New England area! Visit museums, travel, find jobs, and savor the natural beauty, big city life, and academic and cultural richness of the region.
Give back to the community. Get to know it beyond “school.”
Hold tight to your BU peers and professors – they form your professional network and personal support system for life.

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