12 Breakthroughs That Wowed Us in 2019

From climate science to fake news, these discoveries are sure to keep making waves in the next decade 2019 will go down in history as the year that an international team of researchers, including two BU astronomers, captured the first image of a black hole. Photo courtesy of Event Horizon Telescope. Still looking for a […]

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Meet BU’s Six CAREER Award Recipients

These BU researchers will use their National Science Foundation funding to develop new methods and solutions in their fields of study Boston University researchers recently received CAREER awards, granted from the National Science Foundation, with one of the six winners investigating space weather in order to safeguard satellites and other orbiting technologies making their way […]

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Searching for Life around the Stars

BU researcher studies M Dwarfs for clues Is there life out there? Mark Veyette studies the most common star type in our solar system for clues. Photo by Cydney Scott. To the epic search for life on other planets, Mark Veyette brings some of science’s most formidable technology: 300-pound infrared telescopes in Hawaii. The supercomputer […]

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NSF Program Brings Budding Astronomers to BU

Students paired with faculty on research projects BU’s Merav Opher meets with Mark Hubbert and Matt Schuler, students visiting campus through a National Science Foundation program that lets them access University resources in astronomy and space physics. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Many of us thrill to the breathtaking views of outer space permitted by telescopes and spacecraft. […]

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Red Spot, Hot Spot

BU researchers find breakthrough clue in the mystery of Jupiter’s “energy crisis” Luke Moore (left) and James O’Donoghue, research scientists at the Center for Space Physics, study planetary atmospheres. Photo by Cydney Scott. Five hundred miles above the sweep and swirl of Jupiter’s caramel-and-cream clouds lies a mystery. The atmosphere’s top layer, which covers the […]

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Nightlife: Public Open Night at BU’s Coit Observatory

Weekly event a free chance to view planets and stars Guests at Coit Observatory’s weekly Public Open Night, every Wednesday, weather permitting, can look through telescopes pointed at Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, and the Andromeda Galaxy. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Looking for something different to do tonight? Think about heading over to BU’s Judson B. […]

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Two Eyes Needed to Research Outer Space Static

CAS scientists view ionosphere from both hemispheres BU Imaging Science Laboratory researchers (from left) Carlos Martinis, Michael Mendillo, Joei Wroten, and Jeffrey Baumgardner. Photos by Jackie Ricciardi. Who says you can’t be two places at the same time? At an MIT observatory west of Boston, a BU-built, three-foot-long, tubular camera stares with feline patience at […]

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