This Behavioral Scientist Wants to Help Increase COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Nina Mazar is coming up with ways to get more people vaccinated, and positively influence other behaviors related to energy usage, organ donation For Boston University behavioral scientist Nina Mazar, getting the chance to influence real-world change is the driving force behind her research: What inspires people to change their habits? How do people make […]

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Three Key Takeaways from President Biden’s Rapid Movement on Climate Policy

BU international relations and environmental policy expert reflects on whirlwind of climate action issued from the Oval Office With just over a week in office, President Joe Biden has moved quickly to reinstate the United States into multiple international agreements and agencies through new executive actions that undo moves by the Trump administration—including rejoining the […]

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Meet BU’s Newest AAAS Fellows

A pioneer in treating anxiety, one in turning moon dust into oxygen, and one in developing disease diagnostics for low-resource communities recently appointed fellows Each year, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recognizes scientists who have made major contributions to their fields of expertise. As the chaotic and uncertain year of 2020 […]

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BU-Supported Wind Farm Now Up and Generating Clean Electricity

University’s energy purchase enabled South Dakota facility’s construction BU has begun buying clean power from this South Dakota wind farm as part of its Climate Action Plan. Photo by Loch & Key Productions. Boston University begins buying clean energy today from the South Dakota wind farm that the University enabled, fulfilling a key goal of […]

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No, it’s Not Your Imagination, the Air in Boston is Cleaner

BU researchers say emissions went down almost instantly, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, after Governor Baker issued a statewide stay-at-home advisory A massive reduction in rush hour traffic has reduced carbon and nitrogen emissions in Boston. Photo by Above Summit for Boston University Photography. Since last month, as daily commuters and city dwellers began sheltering at […]

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Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Slow the Global Shift to Renewable Energy?

BU sustainable energy expert says the coronavirus outbreak may make “dirty fuels” more attractive in the short term As the coronavirus pandemic roils global economic markets, Peter Fox-Penner, director of BU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, believes some power plants may continue or even restart use of oil and gas as a cost-saving measure. Photo by […]

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12 Breakthroughs That Wowed Us in 2019

From climate science to fake news, these discoveries are sure to keep making waves in the next decade 2019 will go down in history as the year that an international team of researchers, including two BU astronomers, captured the first image of a black hole. Photo courtesy of Event Horizon Telescope. Still looking for a […]

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Sustainable Adhesives of the Future Won’t Stick Around

Most adhesives today are made of plastic, but BU chemists hope a new biodegradable alternative will provide a more environmentally friendly option Mark Grinstaff (left) and Ethan McCaslin helped develop a new, sustainable adhesive that can be altered to stick to wood, glass, skin, and even water. Photo by Cydney Scott. Plastics of the future […]

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As Climate Warms, Increased Energy Needs to Power Air-Conditioning Could Make a Bad Situation Worse

BU researchers predict global energy needs will increase 25 percent by 2050, which could lead to more greenhouse gas emissions As our climate heats up in coming decades, Ian Sue Wing, a BU associate professor of earth and environment, worries the increased energy needs for air-conditioning could ramp up greenhouse gas emissions. “That’s what keeps […]

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BU’s Initiative on Cities Gets New Codirector

Katharine Lusk has played a key role in University’s urban research Katharine Lusk, who has served as executive director of BU’s Initiative on Cities since its founding in 2014, has just been named codirector of the institution. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Katharine Lusk, who helped grow BU’s Initiative on Cities (IoC) into an urban information […]

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