12 Breakthroughs That Wowed Us in 2019

From climate science to fake news, these discoveries are sure to keep making waves in the next decade 2019 will go down in history as the year that an international team of researchers, including two BU astronomers, captured the first image of a black hole. Photo courtesy of Event Horizon Telescope. Still looking for a […]

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BU’s URBAN Enables PhD Students to Study People’s Health and the Earth’s

Program offers a unique marriage of disciplines Paige Brochu (SPH’18,’22) gathered data to map a proposed urban forest for Providence, R.I. Portrait by Jackie Ricciardi. Photo of Providence, R.I. by Denis Tangney Jr./iStock. Planting a tree in your yard can increase your property value, while helping to fight climate change (trees absorb carbon dioxide, a […]

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Could an Ebola Treatment Already Exist?

Research led by a NEIDL scientist finds hope in Zoloft, Vascor Immunologist Gene Olinger, in the attire of his profession, thinks existing drugs for depression and heart disease might be effective against Ebola. Photo courtesy Gene Olinger. What if Zoloft and Vascor—safe prescription drugs that you can pick up at your CVS for depression and […]

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POV: Battling Ebola. It’s Our Problem, Too

Why we need to work with dangerous pathogens Photo by Frederick A. Murphy/CDC I can’t hear the three words “point of view” without instantly thinking of my dad! “Here’s my point…” is probably one of his favorite phrases, and I guess he’s not alone. Doesn’t everyone have some point or other they want to get […]

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Battling Ebola: NEIDL’s Role

Researchers eager to unlock secrets of emerging pathogens On August 2, the first of two sickened American health care workers was flown from Africa to a special containment unit at Emory University. Despite the risk of infection, medical personnel continue to travel to West Africa to help bring under control the worst Ebola outbreak on […]

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