Brianna Bourne’s Journey from Mattapan to Boston Latin to Comm Ave

“I’ve learned over time that asking for help is better than struggling by yourself” With a $6 million gift from shuttered Newbury College, Boston University opened the Newbury Center in January 2021 to support first-generation (students whose parents did not graduate from a four-year college) undergraduate and graduate students. This year, with 18.5 percent of […]

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A Left among Rights: A Progressive Student’s Week at a Conservative Think Tank. What Did He Learn?

In his own words, Zak Schneider (CAS’22, Pardee’22) recounts a week with right-leaning peers: “I came to this realization that I was wrongly worried” Zak Schneider brought a progressive perspective to the conservative American Enterprise Institute during its weeklong Summer Honors Program. Photo courtesy of AEI. Zak Schneider (CAS’22, Pardee’22) describes himself as “Elizabeth Warren […]

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Six BU Students on an Unforgettable Summer Working at Boston City Hall

2021 City Scholars and Initiative on Cities Summer Fellows talk about an experience that influenced and shaped their career goals Boston Mayor Kim Janey (third from right) with this year’s BU City Scholars Summer Fellows Julia Sullivan (from left) (Sargent’22), Chris Dew (CAS’22), and Lily Kelly (CAS’22), and BU Initiative on Cities Summer Fellows Avi Nguyen […]

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Maria Dykema Erb Was a First-Generation Student. Now She’s Here to Help BU’s First-Gens

Newbury Center inaugural director: “I want to be the person I needed back then” Maria Dykema Erb gets it. The embarrassment of wearing a food service uniform in the dining hall, serving meals to your classmates—and wishing you could hide. Seeing the Study Abroad posters on campus and counting yourself out without even asking questions, […]

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History Made as BU Gives First COVID-19 Vaccines

Described by a nurse as “liquid gold,” vaccine administered Friday to almost 170, with healthcare employees among first inoculated On Friday, a gray, wintry day, Anne Patey, Student Health Services (SHS) director of nursing, checked in Emily Gibb at her table in the FitRec basketball gym that is now BU’s COVID-19 vaccination center. Patey opened […]

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COVID Vaccines Arrive at BU: Everything You Need to Know

Initial 500 doses are anticipated to be the start of a months-long process in which BU hopes to offer vaccination to all students, faculty, and staff Photo by Above Summit and Mark Rightmire/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images. On Friday, Boston University plans to begin giving COVID-19 vaccinations to its community using a small […]

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2020 Year in Review: Special Presentation

20 moments that defined this historic year for BU and beyond   The year of the coronavirus was also about so much more. Protests. Wildfires. The presidency. And at Boston University, data science, antiracism, the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, LfA, and more. In this special presentation, we reflect on the historic year with […]

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Meet BU’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Team

How old-fashioned detective work and a custom contact tracing database are squashing the spread of COVID-19 Video by Devin Hahn One of the many new terms that has entered the average American’s vocabulary since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is “contact tracing.” While quick to the lips of many public health experts, what contact […]

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Holding BU to Account on Race

Hayden Scholar Delice Nsubayi helped UMOJA, BU’s Black student union, become a powerful voice for racial equity Delice Nsubayi (CAS’22), photo by Chris Sorensen. In 2019, BU’s Black student union, UMOJA, almost folded—it needed a president and no one was stepping up. Delice Nsubayi, then finishing up her freshman year, couldn’t let that happen. “I wouldn’t […]

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