About Us

Boston University Federal Relations advocates on behalf of BU’s priorities as the federal government considers policies affecting research universities, including support for student financial aid, scientific research, and the humanities. The office gathers information on emerging federal funding trends, connects faculty with federal funders, shares the University’s expertise with policymakers, works with national educational and scientific organizations, and increases BU’s visibility in Washington.

Our Strategic Priorities & Interests

Student Financial Aid

By participating in key legislative discussions surrounding financial aid, we’re constantly seeking ways to support BU students, families, and alumni, as they plan for the cost of college.

Research Funding

We facilitate BU’s involvement in significant federal decisions affecting research universities. We also connect faculty with federal funders and gather information on emerging federal funding trends.

Supporting the Humanities

The humanities and social sciences tell us about who we are as individuals and as a nation, and federal support for these fields remains an institutional priority.