For Knee Replacement, Physical Therapy Reduces Risk of Chronic Opioid Use

BU researchers find even low levels of physical therapy before or after surgery can lower the odds The world’s most common form of arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, causes people pain and hurts their quality of life. Total knee replacement is the only option for people with severe knee osteoarthritis, but even that invasive surgery still leaves […]

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New BU Center for Innovation in Social Science Will Promote Collaborative Research and Teaching

Center designed to offer “one-stop shopping” for faculty looking to pursue multidisciplinary research projects and team teaching Deborah Carr leads a new center that will foster collaborative research and teaching among social scientists. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. BU boasts renowned faculty in the social sciences, from economics to history. But collaborating with each other can […]

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Tiny Satellite Will Take Widest Ever Images of Earth’s and the Sun’s Magnetic Fields Colliding

Images captured by the probe, developed by BU engineers, could reveal new insights into radiation that impacts satellites, astronauts BU engineers Brian Walsh and Emil Atz, working with collaborators, developed the Cusp Plasma Imaging Detector (CuPID) satellite, which uses a new kind of optical technology to enable wide-field X-ray imaging of magnetic fields from inside […]

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MED’s Biology of the Lung Funded through Its 50th—Yes, 50th—Year

BU’s longest running federally funded training program began in 1975 Pulmonary fellow Ellen Suder (MED’26,’26) working in the high containment lab, BSL-4, at BU’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL). Photo by Cydney Scott. When the School of Medicine training program called Biology of the Lung: A Multidisciplinary Program began, on July 1, 1975, Gerald […]

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When It Comes to Communication Skills—Maybe We’re Born with It?

Neuroscientists find brain matter makeup in infancy is linked to children’s degree of language skills at five years old Jenny Zuk, neuroscientist and speech pathologist, led a first-of-its-kind study that uncovered how neural networks in infants influence their language learning skills in early childhood. Photo by Kelly Davidson. From inside the womb and as soon […]

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Why Global COVID Vaccinations Are Dangerously Lagging: Six Things to Know

As Delta variant spreads rapidly, BU-led panel explains why vaccination rollout isn’t keeping pace   As the United States flounders to meet its coronavirus vaccine targets—only 49 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated to date—the especially contagious Delta variant has the daily number of new cases back on the upswing, with a 171 percent increase […]

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Study Reveals Recipe for Even More Powerful COVID-19 Vaccines

NEIDL, Broad scientists say next-generation vaccines could stimulate another arm of the immune system, imparting better protection against coronavirus variants A new study looking at the way human cells activate the immune system in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection could open the door to even more effective and powerful vaccines against the coronavirus and its rapidly […]

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Nahid Bhadelia to Head New BU Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases

Will connect policy with research and use lessons from Ebola and COVID to prepare lawmakers and the public for next crisis The first-floor classroom is empty inside the Boston University School of Medicine on a gray and chilly May morning in the South End. The whiteboard is marked up from earlier instruction and the only […]

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The Deep Ocean Reveals Surprising Discovery about Immunity

BU and other researchers spent weeks at sea harvesting new types of microbial life, to be shocked by their results In the largest and deepest marine protected area in the world, a team of ocean experts peered over 3,000 meters below the surface to find new types of microbial organisms that people would have never […]

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Syringes, Oranges, and Faculty Help Train More Than 100 Volunteer COVID Vaccinators

Medical Campus physician, dental, and physician assistant students eager to pitch in and help area communities With thousands of COVID-19 vaccines being administered every day across the state, there is an urgent need for people trained to give shots. That explains why on Sunday morning, Boston University Medical Campus students Aesha Patel and Tucker Berk […]

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