BU Wins $20M for NSF Engineering Research Center

Goal is personalized heart tissue for clinical use A cardiac patch. The ERC’s ultimate goal is to advance nano-bio-manufacturing methods that could lead to large-scale fabrication of functional heart tissue, which could replace diseased or damaged muscle after a heart attack. Illustration courtesy of Jeroen Eyckmans. Boston University has won a $20 million, five-year award […]

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CAS Physicists Uncover Swimming Secrets of H. pylori

How the ulcer- and cancer-causing bacterium survives the stomach Rama Bansil (left) and Maira Constantino study how the shape of H. pylori shape contributes to its swimming ability. Their work could impact the fields of drug delivery and cancer treatment. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. While not as inspiring as the heart or as mysterious as the brain, […]

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NSF Program Brings Budding Astronomers to BU

Students paired with faculty on research projects BU’s Merav Opher meets with Mark Hubbert and Matt Schuler, students visiting campus through a National Science Foundation program that lets them access University resources in astronomy and space physics. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Many of us thrill to the breathtaking views of outer space permitted by telescopes and spacecraft. […]

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Red Spot, Hot Spot

BU researchers find breakthrough clue in the mystery of Jupiter’s “energy crisis” Luke Moore (left) and James O’Donoghue, research scientists at the Center for Space Physics, study planetary atmospheres. Photo by Cydney Scott. Five hundred miles above the sweep and swirl of Jupiter’s caramel-and-cream clouds lies a mystery. The atmosphere’s top layer, which covers the […]

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Digital Learning Initiative Announces New Grants

Support for faculty developing online education innovations Helping disadvantaged students is a national goal; BU’s Mark Greenman is testing whether technology can better teach them physics. Could a cousin of the much-heralded MOOC help disadvantaged high school students take college-level classes? That’s what BU’s Mark Greenman and colleagues are test-driving in a project that is […]

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Mission to Mars

BU physicist John Clarke looks to the red planet for clues about Earth’s future John T. Clarke, director of BU’s Center for Space Physics, was part of the team that proposed MAVEN and is now a scientific co-investigator on the mission. Photo by Rob Timko. At this moment, a NASA satellite called MAVEN is circling Mars, and it’s covered […]

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