Become an ENG Tutor

Tutors in the BU College of Engineering play a key role in helping ENG students achieve their goals and find success in their studies. You can be someone who makes a difference in the lives of our students as you share your knowledge and skills with the BU ENG community. Tutoring is a paid position within the College of Engineering, and as you help tutor students, you will also be developing your own educational and leadership skills. Most tutors work around six hours per week (two three-hour shifts) and help students master the concepts in the classes in which they have expertise. We are looking for ENG students in all four majors that have mastered either (or both) general ENG courses and upper level courses specific to their major taken in their junior or senior year. The ENG tutoring center is open from 5-11pm each week from Monday through Thursday and 6-9pm on Sundays.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ENG tutor. Applications for Fall 2023 closed on May 12, 2023. Please email Quinton Callahan at with any questions.