EK 200 Sophomore Mentor Application

Would you like to become a role model in the ENG community? By becoming an EK 200 mentor you will become someone who other ENG students look up to as you help guide ENG sophomores through their second year at BU. Sophomore year brings many new challenges and experiences for students as they begin new classes, increase their involvement at BU through extra curricular activities and academic pursuits, think about studying abroad, and prepare for their future in engineering. As an EK 200 mentor, you will be there for sophomores to answer questions and share your experiences while developing your own leadership and organizational skills. During the fall semester, EK 200 mentors host fun events for their group of mentees and help out at larger events to make sure that every sophomore in the College of Engineering feels supported and welcome as they navigate their second year as a BU Engineering student.


Thank you for your interest in the EK200: Sophomore Mentor position! Applications for the 2022 Academic Year closed at 12:00am on April 30, 2022. Information regarding the 2022-2023 wave of applications will be posted in Spring 2023.