Student Advisor Application for EK 100

We are thrilled to learn of your interest in becoming a Student Advisor for EK 100, the Engineering Freshmen Seminar! SAs are key components to the success of this program, leading community-building exercises with a group of freshmen engineering students. SAs can be sophomores, juniors, or seniors enrolled full-time in the College of Engineering. Engineering Student Advisors are supervised by the freshmen academic counselors in the College of Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office, who will also insure a comprehensive Student Advisor training.

Application Process to be an EK 100 SA in Fall 2023

  • Applications will be due Friday, February 17, 2023.
  • Applicants will be asked to sign-up for a one-hour group interview. These will take place in late February through early March.
  • Decisions will be made in mid-March 2023. You will be contacted via e-mail.

Student Advisor Requirements

  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.5 and a minimum GPI of 2.5 in the Spring 2023 semester.
  • SAs will be provided with a list of their advisees at the end of August 2023, and will be expected to write to their advisees at that time.
  • SAs will participate in training in late August/early September. SAs will also be expected to assist in school opening events. Specific details will be provided at a mandatory meeting during the last week of classes in the Spring semester.
  • SAs will participate in Orientation programs for new students including August Orientation for Freshmen and Transfer Students and the College of Engineering Dean’s Welcome.
  • SAs will participate in the ENG EK 100: Freshmen Advising Seminar, taking place weekly on Fridays, 3:35-4:25pm throughout the Fall semester. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory.
  • SAs will advise and assist their advisees throughout the course of the academic year.
  • SAs will assist the freshmen academic counselors to meet the needs of the incoming freshmen.

EK 100 Student Advisor Application

Our Student Advisors are volunteer mentors who build leadership skills through working with first year students in EK 100.

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