The Center for Space Physics (CSP) is a university-based center for research and education in space science and space-related technologies. Faculty, researchers, and students from the Boston University Departments of Astronomy, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering collaborate under a common mission to advance our understanding of the atmospheres, magnetospheres, and plasma environments of our solar system. The insights gained through these efforts help us understand how habitable environments evolve in the cosmos, in addition to having practical relevance in a society that is increasingly reliant on space-based assets.


The SHIELD NASA DRIVE Center is a national and international collaboration involving researchers from over half a dozen institutions, and led by Merav Opher from the Astronomy Department and Center for Space Physics.

SHIELD will: (1) determine the global nature of the heliosphere; (2) determine how pickup ions evolve from ‘cradle to grave’ and affect heliospheric processes; (3) establish how the heliosphere interacts with and influences the LISM; and (4) establish how cosmic rays are filtered by and transported through the heliosphere

CSP Turns 30!

In 2018 of the Center for Space Physics (CSP) at Boston University celebrated its 30th anniversary . Since its inception, the Center has become a world-renowned cornerstone for expertise in heliophysics, Earth’s environment, inner and outer planetary science, and beyond. Over its lifetime, the CSP has been home to a large number of graduate students, postdocs, and researchers. We celebrated with a 2 1/2 day event in June of 2018.

Click here to view a slideshow of images through the years and an overview of the work done at CSP since 1988.