Located in one of the nation’s elite Biomedical Engineering departments, the Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center (BTEC) is a 5,000 square foot bioengineering maker space designed to transform education and innovation for bioengineering students through hands-on learning. The center advances cutting-edge technologies identified in partnership with industry, from gene editing to biosensors to digital medicine.

Boston University Creating the Societal Engineer®

As bioengineering approaches the next 50 years, powerful new technologies will enable an unprecedented understanding of biology at all length scales. BTEC is anticipated to prepare the next generation of the societal bioengineer with the skills most needed by the Pharma/Biotech and Medtech industries to enhance human health and benefit society overall.

Key Focus Areas Centered on Improving Society and Healthcare

Partners with Industry

BTEC is funded through the University, ENG alumni and friends, and industry partners. Students have the opportunity to work on projects and be considered for internships with our partner companies in one of the nation’s leading biotechnology hubs. Industry partners also help inform the curriculum by advising BTEC on the skills bioengineers need today and by sharing the latest information on product development and high-impact innovations. A representative from each principal industry sponsor, Amgen, C4 Therapeutics, Draper, Novartis, Pfizer, Philips, Takeda and Thermo Fisher Scientific, sits on the BTEC Industrial Advisory Board. Other corporations provide direct financial support, including Lando & Anastasi.