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Brigham and Women’s Hospital Recognizes ECE Student for Research on CTE in Retired NFL Players

PhD Student Marcia Sahaya Louis Receives Research Excellence Award By Shereen Abubakr (QST '18)   Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student Marcia Sahaya Louis (ECE ‘21) received a Research Excellence Award for a submission to the Discover Brigham 2017’s poster session. Discover Brigham is hosted by Brigham Research Institute at Brigham and Women’s... More

The Hands-Off Approach

Associate Professor Douglas Densmore (ECE, BME), doctoral student Luis Ortiz (MCBB), Research Fellow Marilene Pavan (ECE), and software engineers Josh Timmons and Lloyd McCarthy from Lattice Automation (a software company Densmore co-founded) have demonstrated the usefulness of an automated pipetting robot paired with a novel software tool through a Journal of Visualized Experiments video. More

Goyal Receives IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Vivek Goyal won a 2017 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award. His article, titled "Message-Passing De-Quantization with Applications to Compressed Sensing,” was published in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing in December 2012. Dr. Goyal is one of three authors, including Ulugbek S. Kamilov... More

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NASA to Launch BU Student-Built Microsatellites

If MacGyver were on a mission to study the aurora, this is the satellite he might build: a grid of scrap solar cells pasted onto an iPad-size green rectangle of circuit board, a six-inch cut of stainless steel tape measure soldered in one corner as a makeshift antenna, and inside, a suite of smartphone-class sensors that anyone can buy on the internet. More

BU-Led Study May Explain CTE without Concussions

A new BU-led study published Thursday in the journal Brain suggests that chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is caused by head injuries, not by concussions. The research explains why 20 percent of athletes who exhibited the early stages of the progressive brain illness postmortem never had a diagnosed concussion. More

Team of Researchers Awarded $1M Department of Energy Contract

A team of College of Engineering researchers has won a $1 million contract from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) to develop COSSY (Computational Occupancy Sensing SYstem), a system of sensors that can estimate the number of people in a room and adjust air flow in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) appropriately, with the goal of saving energy. More