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Shining a Light: Popović Recognized For Innovations in Integrated Photonic Circuitry

Professor Miloš Popović’s work on building a bridge between electronics and photonics, which spans more than a decade, has been recognized with a 2021 IEEE Region 1 Technological Innovation Award. In collaboration with researchers from UC Berkeley and MIT, his team developed leading platforms for the design of silicon photonic... More

Three-Fold Funding Towards Smarter, Secure Networks

Assistant Professor Alan Liu may be new to the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, but he has hit the ground running, winning support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for three related projects aimed at utilizing what he terms “the power of programmability in the network for secure, performant, More

Cross-disciplinary research teams win Kilachand funding

Five Studies Pushing the Limits of Science: This year’s Kilachand fund awards will support pioneering research across engineering and life sciences More

The Wave of the Future is Itty-Bitty Bubbles

Brightly-colored streams converge to propel tiny multicolored bubbles rapidly down a tunnel in translucent plastic, headed for a swift molecular analysis; you can catch a glimpse of their progress in a short but tantalizing video shared by BU’s The Brink. These miniscule movements are performed within a microfluidic device–a plastic chip... More

Jump-Starting Biotechnology Careers for Boston High School Students

New STEM outreach program, led by BU and funded by the Department of Defense, will introduce underserved students to the emerging field of synthetic biology By Kat J. McAlpine Synthetic biology is revolutionizing the field of biotechnology, yet many people aren’t sure what it is. Associate Professor Douglas Densmore (ECE) wants to... More

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Popović Group Making Waves at FiO+LS 2021!

Optics enthusiasts, take note: the Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science virtual conference is taking place as we speak, and everywhere you look, you’ll see BU ECE Professor Miloš Popović and his students!  Among the six papers to be presented by members of the group, two have already won special notice... More

Densmore Team Launches CAD Program for Genome Editing

Sequel to Human Genome Project might spur cancer cures, climate solutions Associate Professor Doug Densmore (ECE, BME) and colleagues have developed a computer-aided design (CAD) program that will allow genetic engineers to design new microorganisms. The software could pave the way to cures for cancer, as well as solutions in the... More

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An Inside Look

ENG researchers from across disciplines are joining forces to produce images and insights into how neurons and other cells work By Patrick L. Kennedy An electrical engineer, a biomedical engineer, and a physicist walk into a lab. Wait—make that an electrical engineer, two biomedical engineers, a materials science engineer, and a physicist. More

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Making a Big Impact with Tiny Lasers

ECE Professor Luca Dal Negro and his Utah University collaborator, Hari Sundar, have received a $450K grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for an exciting new line of research. Utilizing a novel form of mathematics--fractional calculus—they are embarking on a 36-month study of equally novel types of miniaturized laser... More

A Lifetime Of Commitment To Engineering – And Diversity

In recognition of his “seminal research in information coding theory and data compression, and enormous contributions to the promotion of diversity in engineering education,” The Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications has awarded BU ECE Research Professor Robert M. Gray the 2020 Okawa Prize. According to their official description, “the Okawa... More