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PhD in Systems Engineering (SE)

Systems Engineering (SE) offers the Post-Bachelor's PhD (MS/PhD) and the Post-Master's PhD which provide opportunities for research in automation, control and robotics, communication and networking, computational and systems biology, information sciences, and production, service systems and supply chain management. The Division research activities are closely aligned with the affiliated Center for Information & Systems Engineering (CISE).

Degree Type

  • Doctorate


  • In-Person


  • Full-Time


  • On-Campus
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How it Works:

As a cross-disciplinary program, the SE PhD program leverages the expertise of Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Management and Medical faculty from the College of Engineering, the College of Arts & Sciences, the Questrom School of Business and the School of Medicine. Graduate students are expected to complete a number of interdisciplinary courses and to fulfill the qualifying examination and dissertation defense requirements of the Program. The program can be completed in 3-5 years, on average. Learn more about the PhD Profile for Systems Engineering.

In collaboration with the Center for Information & Systems Engineering (CISE), research areas pursued by PhD candidates include, but are not limited to,

  • Automation, Robotics, and Control
  • Communications and Networking
  • Computational Biology
  • Information Sciences
  • Production, Service, and Energy Systems

In conjunction with these interdisciplinary applications, students’ research activities focus on the use of methodologies such as:

  • Optimization methods
  • Information theory
  • Control theory
  • Queuing theory
  • Applied probability and statistics
  • Simulation

PhD Handbook

The SE PhD Handbook includes policies, program requirements, logistics and contacts.

Admission Requirements

For Application Deadlines, Requirements and Fee Waiver information, see the Graduate Admissions web page.