Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Hands on, Real World

The humans might not be in charge—but you can be. By pursuing Robotics & Autonomous Systems, you’ll have a powerhouse of technical know-how on your side as you explore exciting machine learning applications for medicine, healthcare, product design and more. What’s more, with major funding, including a $4.4 million grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, you’ll be at the leading edge of hands-on robotics learning in our new Robotics and Autonomous Systems Teaching and Innovation Center (RASTIC).


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The Robotics & Autonomous Systems Teaching & Innovation Center

With a $9M capital investment from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and Boston University, and ongoing support from an array of robotics industry partners, RASTIC allows students to expand and hone their robotics skills, so they are ready to make an immediate impact in their classes and in the workplace.


Industry Experience

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Hands-on Learning

Through classes, internships or research, students have the opportunity to develop skills in areas like Soft Robotics, Feedback and Control Systems, Mechatronics, Self-Driving Vehicles, Machine Learning, Smart Cities, Assistive Technologies, Environmental and Sustainable Systems and Medical devices.

“Not many people can say they built a medical robotic device in the classroom.” -  Student Franco Julia Wise (MS '23) on Sheila Russo's Medical Robotics course

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