Popović Group Making Waves at FiO+LS 2021!

Professor Miloš Popović

by Allison Kleber

Optics enthusiasts, take note: the Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science virtual conference is taking place as we speak, and everywhere you look, you’ll see BU ECE Professor Miloš Popović and his students! 

Josep M. Fargas Cabanillas

Among the six papers to be presented by members of the group, two have already won special notice from the conference organizers. “Tunable Source of Quantum-Correlated Photons with Integrated Pump Rejection in a Silicon CMOS Platform,” the result of a collaboration between students at three different universities, was presented by co-author Josep M. Fargas Cabanillas this morning (Tuesday, November 2nd) at 8:00 AM EST. Later in the day, at 4:30PM, Hayk Gevorgyan will present“Frequency Translating Add/Drop Filters based on Electro-Optically Modulated Photonic Molecules.” Both papers are finalists in the Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Competition.

Hayk Gevorgyan

You can read more about Cabanillas and Gevorgyan’s papers, respectively, here and here. And if you plan to attend the conference, be sure to check out a second presentation by Cabanillas, “Rapid Adiabatic 3 dB Coupler with 50±1% Splitting Over 200 nm Including S, C and L Bands in 45 nm CMOS Platform,” at 4PM, as well as three papers by his fellow Popović advisees on Thursday (November 4).