Sahar Sharifzadeh Joins Early Career Advisory Board

By Colbi Edmonds

ECE and MSE Professor Sahar Sharifzadeh is one of ten fast-rising researchers appointed to the Early Career Advisory Board of ACS Materials Letters. These researchers will be working with Bin Liu, Deputy Editor, and the Associate Editors to create a stronger bridge between the journal, the materials community and ever changing research areas and trends.

Sharifzadeh’s primary appointments at Boston University are materials science and engineering, as well as electrical and computer engineering; she is also affiliated with the chemistry and physics departments. Her research is focused on understanding atomic-scale physical phenomena and predicting how they will affect the functionality of novel materials based on first-principles theory.

Sharifzadeh believes that through materials science and engineering, we can fix the challenges that require next-generation technologies— whether that be solar cells or quantum computing. These new technologies can be developed through a deeper understanding of material properties, as well as creating new materials.

Sharifzadeh has earned several awards throughout her career. Most recently, she received a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation. Additionally, she was recognized by Nature as an early-to-mid career scientist making an impact in her field, she received an Early Career Research Award from the U.S. Department of Energy and in 2016 she was selected as a Hariri Institute Junior Faculty Fellow.