Sergio Fagherazzi and Cédric Fichot join the newly funded NASA Delta-X team to study the future of the Mississippi delta

Professor Sergio Fagherazzi and Assistant Professor Cédric Fichot have joined the Delta-X investigation at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, to better understand the natural processes that maintain and build land in major river deltas threatened by rising seas. The project will improve models that predict loss of coastal land from sea level rise […]

Rachael Garrett publishes on causes of changes in land use extent and intensity

Assistant Professor Rachael Garrett has published “Middle-range Theories of Land System Change” in Global Environmental Change. Dr. Garrett and her colleagues note that while an integrated theory of land system change remains elusive, they show that contextual generalizations that describe chains of causal mechanisms explaining a well-bounded range of phenomena, as well as the conditions […]

Associate Professor Anne Short Gianotti receives NSF grant for research on the politics of urban and suburban wildlife management

Associate Professor Anne Short Gianotti has been awarded $375,000 for the project “Deer in the Suburbs: A Comparative Study of the Mobilization and Mutation of Wildlife Management Strategies.” Along with collaborator John Casellas Connors (Texas A&M; E&E Adjunct djunct Research Assistant Professor), Short Gianotti will examine the shifting management strategies related to growing white-tailed deer […]

Associate Professor Mike Dietze to deliver NSF Distinguished Lecture

On September 27 Associate Professor Mike Dietze will deliver the Distinguished Lecture for the National Science Foundation, hosted by the Directorate for Biological Sciences and Division of Biological Infrastructure. His talk is entitled “Solving the Challenge of Predicting Nature: How Close Are We and How Do We Get There.” Is nature predictable? If so, how […]

New Culture of Science Seminar group forming

Come to the planning meeting for an interdisciplinary research and reading group provisionally titled Cultures of Science. We are casting a wide net, including: history of science and medicine, science and technology studies (STS), philosophy of science; Indigenous Traditional Knowledge; medical humanities; literature, sciences and the arts; environmental humanities; bioethics. Faculty, graduate students, and researchers […]

Associate Professor Mike Dietze hosts NOAA webinar on predicting nature

Associate Professor Mike Dietze hosts “Solving the Challenge of Predicting Nature: How Close Are We and How Do We Get There?” as part of NOAA’s National Ocean Service Science Seminar Series. Wednesday, September 12, 12-1PM EDT Is nature predictable? If so, can we use that understanding to better manage and conserve ecosystems? Near-term ecological forecasting […]

Environmental Career Fair – October 11

Join us on Thursday, October 11, for the Environmental Career Fair! Learn about employment and internship opportunities from local and national organizations working to protect the environment. Attending companies include Atmospheric & Environmental Research (AER), Energy Federation Inc. (EFI), ESRI, NASA DEVELOP, NE Interstate Water Pollution Control (NEIWPCC), Sustainserv, Toxics Action Center, United States Environmental […]