Our mission: to understand a changing Earth and its relationships with humankind and to develop strategies for a sustainable future.

The Earth is critical to our everyday lives; your donation to Earth & Environment helps fund a better understanding of it. Your gift makes an enormous difference and helps us create change beyond our campus.

Here are just some ways in which a contribution will help the department further our mission:

Research & Discovery 

The Department of Earth & Environment is diverse in its research foci. While our faculty, researchers, and students participate in the following three research clusters; Earth & Environment is distinct in our ability to address these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective across both the natural and the social sciences.

Student Organizations

The department sponsors and co-sponsors multiple student-led organizations that enhance our curricula, provide activities and experience beyond the classroom, and build community among various student populations.


The Department of Earth & Environment provides modern geological, geochemical, remote sensing, GIS, visualization, and computing laboratory facilities for use in undergraduate and graduate research. These facilities play a critical role as part of research projects supported by the National Science Foundation, Ocean Drilling Program/Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, U.S. Geological Survey, Sea Grant, Petroleum Research Fund, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the National Park Service. The facilities are also used by other researchers in the New England region.

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