Professor Sergio Fagherazzi Featured on Sweaty Penguin Climate News

Professor Sergio Fagherazzi was featured in PBS’s The Sweaty Penguin, discussing his work on climate change and salt marshes: “Salt marshes are found along the entire U.S. coastline and on every continent except for Antarctica. They absorb carbon, protect coastlines from erosion, filter pollutants, and provide habitats for many important fish and shellfish species. But they’re […]

Mike Dietze and Ecological Forecasting Initiative profiled in Science

Associate Professor Michael Dietze was profiled this month in Science, which highlighted his Ecological Forecasting Initiative as “a grassroots effort to set standards, encourage interdisciplinary approaches, and develop forecasting methods that can be applied to many situations, including fisheries management, wildlife migrations, algal blooms, wildfire patterns, and human disease.” “EFI specifically aims to tackle cross-cutting […]