Yuri Knyazikhin and Ranga Myneni win research projects from NASA’s DSCOVR Program

Professors Yuri Knyazkhin and Ranga Myneni’s proposed research projects were recently selected for three-year funding by NASA under their DSCOVR program. Knyazikhin proposed “DSCOVR EPIC VESDR Product: Algorithm refinement, validation and scientific exploration,” and Myneni submitted “Vegetation hot spot signatures from synergy of EPIC-DSCOVR and EOS/SUOMI sensors to monitor changes in global forests.” According to […]

John Fegyverisi ships off to Antarctica

Adjunct Assistant Professor John Fegyverisi has joined a West Antarctica ocean drilling expedition as a member of the physical properties team, which takes measurements of sediment to better understand the glacial history of the west Antarctic ice sheet. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Associate Professor Anne Short Gianotti receives NSF grant for research on the politics of urban and suburban wildlife management

Associate Professor Anne Short Gianotti has been awarded $375,000 for the project “Deer in the Suburbs: A Comparative Study of the Mobilization and Mutation of Wildlife Management Strategies.” Along with collaborator John Casellas Connors (Texas A&M; E&E Adjunct djunct Research Assistant Professor), Short Gianotti will examine the shifting management strategies related to growing white-tailed deer […]