Mark Friedl named CAS William Goodwin Aurelio Professor of Mathematics and Science

The William Goodwin Aurelio Professorship in Mathematics and Science is given to an outstanding faculty member working in any mathematical or natural sciences field at BU. E&E Professor Mark Friedl was nominated and awarded world-class research in ecology, micro-meteorology, and remote sensing. Professor Friedl has built a massive database of satellite observations to study changing […]

Asst. Prof. Xiaozhou Ruan named 2023 Hariri Institute Research Fellow

Assistant Professor Xiaozhou Ruan has been named a 2023 Junior Faculty Fellow by the Hariri Institute at BU! As the Institute noted, “Dr. Ruan’s research develops novel parameterizations of small-scale ocean physics into global climate models. These parameterizations have far-reaching implications for modeling the Earth’s climate system.” The Hariri Institute has awarded six Junior Faculty […]

Professor Sergio Fagherazzi Featured on Sweaty Penguin Climate News

Professor Sergio Fagherazzi was featured in PBS’s The Sweaty Penguin, discussing his work on climate change and salt marshes: “Salt marshes are found along the entire U.S. coastline and on every continent except for Antarctica. They absorb carbon, protect coastlines from erosion, filter pollutants, and provide habitats for many important fish and shellfish species. But they’re […]

Asst. Professor Andrew Bell Leads Study on Balancing Agriculture & Conservation – Shows Women Are Integral to Sustainability

As BU Today writes, Asst. Professor Bell’s study “used video games to test ways of balancing agriculture and conservation — and found getting more women involved in decision-making may boost productivity and the planet’s health.”   The international research team created three video games: GooseBump, NonCropShare, and SharedSpace. These simulations were given to farmers in […]

Yue Qin awarded Outstanding Student Presentation

Yue Qin, a fourth-year doctoral candidate in E&E, has received the Outstanding Student Presentation Award AMS’s 24th Symposium on Boundary-Layers & Turbulence. In “On the logarithmic behavior of streamwise velocity variance in the neutral atmospheric surface laye,” Ms. Qin explores, ” While the mean velocity profile in the near-neutral atmospheric surface layer has been well […]

E&E earthquake expert on the Turkey earthquake

E&E professor Rachel Abercrombie spoke with The Brink about the devastation in Turkey and Syria following Monday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake. “The problem is not really the earthquake,” explains Professor Abercrombie. “The problem is often bad construction that isn’t earthquake safe, the building codes, and the lack of enforcement of the building codes. Read the full story […]

Students in Research Class Present at the Massachusetts Green Careers Conference

At the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in Westborough, MA, on September 20, Alana Danison and Madeleine Mattson participated in Rick Reibstein’s presentation on the projects students have been doing in his class Research for Environmental Agencies and Organizations (GE 532 and 534). The projects have included work on lead poisoning prevention, water quality […]

Tess McCabe honored for ESA presentation

PhD candidate Tess McCabe has received the E.C. Pielou Award from the Ecological Society of America. The competitive award is made annually based on the overall quality of a student’s scientific contribution to statistical ecology. At the ESA’s Annual Meeting, Tess presented “Scaling contagious disturbance in a spatially implicit way: Implications for describing disturbance regimes.” She […]