• The 610 Albany Street Garage at $181/month  A student can fill out a permit application online and choose the 610 Albany St garage. This location is subject to availability, while BU and BMC staff who normally park there work remotely during the pandemic.
    • Everyone should be aware that this garage is fully subscribed with a waiting list, so space there is generally not available.
    • Subscribers working remotely will return in mass at some point in the future, and when they do, the 610 permits issued now are temporary and those permits holders will be reassigned to other lots at the applicable rates.
    • When staff return to campus and reinstate their permits at 610, the parking office will likely need to relocate students to a different lot.
  • No reimbursements for parking are available  Drivers are responsible for all fees related to on campus parking.

Transportation Resources

BU Shuttle – AKA The Bus

Campus shuttle that runs between the Charles River and Medical Campus, Monday through Saturday.

Biking in Boston


TranSComm (Transportation Solutions for Commuters, Inc.) is a transportation management association (TMA) that coordinates the transportation needs of the Medical Center community in the Albany Street neighborhood of Boston’s lower South End.

  • Student Resources and Forms
    • MBTABoston’s public transportation system, consisting of buses, subway, commuter trains, ferries, etc.
      • Students and Residents are eligible for 11% discount on semester passes
      • Semester pricing varies, depending on the distance of your commute so please HERE  for more info
  • Biking to BUMC
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Zipcar Student Discount
  • Forms



Parking on Campus